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Natural and Chemical Mold Removal Products

October 18, 2012

Mold removal products are probably your only savior when dealing with mold. Being homeowner means protecting your house and your general in particular from any bad things or disease and illness. Unfortunately, without us knowing, there are several home problems that might be dangerous for your family’s health –one of the most common problems at home is mold. This is a microscopic organism that is usually growing and multiplying in particular spot in the house with high humidity. Despite its small size, mold can cause several dangerous health problems, such as cough and eye irritation in the earlier stage. In later stages, there are more harmful symptom and health problems effect.

If you have always underestimated the effect of mold in your house (which is actually what most homeowners do), it is better for you to examine whether there is mold pest in your house or not. If you have damp basement or attic, you are most likely having trouble with mold –it is the same when you have some problems with broken drainage or pipes. Meanwhile, there are some physical symptoms you can notice to make sure whether there is mold or not; they are cough, red and watery eye, and skin irritation. Good news if you do have one or even two of the symptoms is there are several mold removal products.

Chemical and Natural Product: Which mold removal products to Choose

In dealing with mold, there are some steps you have to do. First, you must identify which part of your house could be the center of the mold, and second, you have to prepare the cleaner and other stuffs needed when cleaning your house from mold. In getting rid of the mold, you need some products that are specifically meant to eliminate mold. In general, there are two kinds of product to remove mold; they are natural and chemical removal products. Removal products are usually sold in retailers or particular stores that are providing household stuffs.

Nowadays, there have been quite many of removal products you can choose; the products, anyway, comes under different brands and manufacturers. One of the most popular products to get rid of this home pest is by a mold removal product names MoldSTAT Peroxy Kling cleaner. This chemical mold removal product consists of some chemicals that are indeed effective to remove molds. However, have you got any idea that chemicals in the chemical mold products might cause some dangerous effect? That is right, if you choose some random product, you will bring more illnesses to your family.

To minimize the health effect caused by the mold, you are recommended to apply natural treatment –or at least, 1 that are made of natural ingredients. Citric acid is the first natural or home remedy to mold; this substance can be found in natural oils as lemon peel or certain fruit extract. Orange-Glo, according to some sources, is a mold removal product that consists of this natural substance. Vinegar, tea tree, and even dishwashing liquid are other substances that can effectively remove molds. In other words, natural mold removal is actually much better than other chemical mold removal products.

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