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Learning More about Symptoms of Mold Exposure

October 18, 2012

Symptoms of mold exposure are basically helping you to identify whether you have mold or not in your house, and whether it has reached such severe level or not. If you care much about your family’s healthy and the cleanliness of your house, you had better learn more about molds, the common and physical symptoms, and also on how can you get rid of it. In general, mold is a microscopic living creature that can be found in animal or plant matter; in the food of chain, this organism is on the bottom of the chain. It is assumed that this organism can multiply and grow under the right condition, in which all they need is only sufficient humidity.

There are some conditions that could trigger the born and existence of mold, and roof leaks and flooding are two of them. Drainage problems and damp basements can also be the cause of the mold. Wet clothes that are dried inside the house is also other mold-triggering act. Most homeowners, particularly the newbie homeowners seem to less consider the existence of mold in their house. If you are one of them, then one thing you have to know about this organism is that: it causes some health problems to you and your entire family. Even at a particular level of severity, the existence of molds can damage your house.

Symptoms of symptoms of mold exposure, and Getting Rid of It

As mentioned previously, one thing that makes you have to concern more about mold is that it can cause some health problems. Although some symptoms (of the illness caused by mold) is significantly similar to other illnesses, there are few difference you can actually notice. One of the most common mold symptoms, anyway, is sinus and nasal congestion –these are the symptoms you can notice at an earlier stage of mold existence. Other early symptom is eye irritation, red and watery eyes. Respiratory problems, such as cough and difficulty in breathing, are other noticeable symptoms of this organism problem.

Most symptoms of this mold problem lies on the respiratory problems. Besides cough, difficulty in breathing, mold can also cause throat irritation and wheezing. Besides the respiratory problems, mold can also cause a rash (and other skin irritation) and headache. Especially if you or one of your family members are suffering from respiratory sensitive and compromised immune system, mold can be very much dangerous because the symptoms caused are lots harmful. Those are the symptoms of mold in earlier stage. In advanced stage, this organism might cause weight loss, nausea, fatigue, and nosebleed.

Sometimes, few homeowners ignore the above symptoms of mold; and this is very bad because the mold can cause severe damage to the health and to damage. In advanced or later stage of this symptom, mold might cause ghastly things as brain damage, long-term memory loss, and even cancer and bleeding lungs. If you have noticed the earlier stage of mold, you must do the cleanup to your entire house, especially ones with high humidity. In addition, you can also use several mold-removal products to deal with symptoms of mold exposure.

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