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Dealing With Mold Exposure Symptoms

October 18, 2012

Mold exposure symptoms and health problems caused by this small organism is real; especially if you are a homeowner who cares much about your family’s health, this is an issue you have to be aware of. Mold is an organism that is significantly similar to fungus that causes any organic matters to decay. Similar to other small and parasite organism, mold can easily be found in damp places and spots as water pipe, attic, or even under the carpet and behind the wallpaper. Mold is small, yet it causes such immense effect on our health; it is impossible for you to live healthy when you have mold problem at home.

Basically, mold can be found in certain parts of every house –the difference is whether the house has large number of mold or not. If you have several health problems that are associated with mold, then you might have lots of mold spots in your house. Another medical source mentioned that those who have weak immune system are most likely to suffer from mold symptoms. The source added that sometimes, it is difficult to diagnose the symptoms of mold exposure, even with the help from an expert. Luckily, there are indeed several common symptoms of mold exposure that you can easily identify.

Physical and Psychological mold exposure symptoms, and Some Treatment Options

There are at least two kinds of mold symptom you can identify; they are physical symptom and psychological symptom. Between these two symptoms, it is much easier to identify the physical symptom, which ranges from mild allergies up to the respiratory infection at the upper stage. Physical symptoms of mold exposure basically depend on the severity level of the mold infection. Some of these symptoms are including sore throat, fever, cold, and runny nose. For those who has such sensitive skin, skin rash and acne outburst are amongst the common symptoms. Dandruff problems, hair loss, loss of appetite, and respiratory problems are some of the upper stage symptoms.

At the severer stage, mold exposure can also cause psychological effects. Some of the psychological aspects as the symptoms of this organism are depression and memory lost. According to various medical sources, toxic mold syndrome is the main reason of why people are suffering from diseases that are related to brain –and yes, this goes straight to the sufferers’ psychological aspect. Besides, mold can also cause bad effect to human’s central nervous system as well.

If you or your family members suffer (or once suffered) from one of the above symptoms, then your house has a mold issue –and this is positive. When it goes like this, there is nothing you can do but some treatment, house cleaning, and prevention. It is recommended that you check some damp spots in your house to make sure which parts of the house should be cleaned. After you get rid of the mold in your house, you have to prevent from mold attack by checking your home every day. Make sure that you do not have leaked pipes or cracked outer walls. In addition, only by cleaning your house regularly and doing other prevention tasks can you be free from mold exposure symptoms for good.

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