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Black Mold Health Effects on You

October 18, 2012

Black Mold Health Effects in certain extend will cause very serious effect. It will be the one which need to be avoided. People who face them directly will usually end up facing serious medical conditions. It can be more dangerous if they have poor immune. As kind of mildews, this organism will release the spores into the atmosphere. They will become airborne. People will not be able to see them since they are very small. Black mold will cause very serious health problems. Mental impairment, damage to internal organs, respiratory problems and even death are some effect you may get if you have contact with this black mold. In addition, the spores from this toxic also known as allergens in which it will cause sneezing, sore eyes and runny as well as you usually find on people with certain allergies. It will be very important to have further knowledge about the effect and symptoms you may have caused by black mold and you will find it on the next section.

 Black Mold Health Effects: the Effect and Symptoms

The general symptoms you may have to be able to identify whether or not you are infected with this kind of black mold is the same with cold. You may have sneeze, skin rash, watery eyes, headache, throat irritation and nausea. It is essential for those who don’t have cold or flu but they are suddenly come with certain symptom to consult it with your doctor. It is better to know whether you are infected by black mold or not. Those are some symptoms caused by inhaling the spores in the air. In case you might have direct contact to the fungus you might suffer skin rash and your skin start to itching. Those are the main symptoms and effect you might see when you have contact with this kind of fungus. However, there are some specific effects you may have after you have contact with this fungus.

The toxic produces by toxic black mold will be various. One of them is called trichothecene mycotoxins. This toxic is kind of neurotoxic. They can kill the neuron in the brain and cause someone impairment. Tremors and personality change can be some other effect caused by this toxic. The symptoms caused by this kind of toxic will be quite a lot. Confusion, brain fog, shortened attention span, difficulty concentrating and paying attention, slowed reflexes, disorientation, dizziness, memory loss and memory problems, impaired learning ability, hallucinations, shock and anxiety will be some of the symptoms quite serious. You need to consult to your doctor for further information to get the right treatment.

Other than killing the neurons in your brain, this toxic will cause health problems especially in respiratory system and almost every part in your body. Direct contact with your skin and inhale them will cause severe problems. You will have certain problem caused by this fungus. Black Mold Health Effects will bring several effects that you will never expect to come to you.

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